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His work is incredibly detailed with some ingenious torture techniques.

And as it's already been alluded to, he was one of the first to graphically do extreme stuff. ------------------------- Pedro: Hey, thanks for giving us the heads up on the whipping scene.

So at this point no matter how real the torture looks, it just doesn't have the right effect.

The photos of 12 Years a Slave are a perfect example of looking real but does nothing for me.

All the rest of the scenes I have watched, the women aren't very appealing to me, the positions they are put in aren't close to the Blakemore type positions which make the girls look hot and helpless.

I would prefer a simulated ZFX film with Kim Noble Xed against the wall over this any day.

Lupita is first forcefully stripped naked and tied to the whipping post ... If the film-makers can achieve the same thing by faking the whipping/caning, I personally would find that more erotic (especially with a lot of sweat and tears in the mix).

Which suggests that perhaps they cannot achieve the same effect because the actresses cannot act like they are being abused..must really feel it in order to register the appropriate response.

A good actress who has a career simply won't accept a role in our genre.Customers demanding “the real thing” are different from those who are happy to watch a well-executed simulation.Even if the actress is willing (consensuality opening a whole other can of worms), the fact that real pain, real blood, real wounds and real suffering are depicted to satisfy someone's sexual desires changes the entire dynamic of a scene for me.Those exploitation cinema producers had much larger budget and they failed in most cases, because either they did not have large enough budget to pay a talented actress for that role or (and) the effects of the welts were pathetic.(Mostly red crossing lines which should have depicted bloody welts). There are some customers who are interested only in the real thing.The woman was lean, toned, pulled taut in an inverted Y.


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