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And although her longtime love Sean 'Diddy' Combs wasn't by her side, the petite singer, 31, made the most of her solo time to take in the sights and smells of the sea.When Stacey, their oldest boy, gets in a fight with his best friend T. at the Wallace store, Mama decides to take a tour of the local community and urge people not to let their children go there and not to purchase goods there. The Logans offer to buy good for them in Vicksburg, and Mr. Meanwhile, Christmas comes, and both Uncle Hammer and Papa come home to join the family. When Harlan Granger comes to try to convince the Logans to stop the boycott, Hammer and Papa are both defiant.However, Mama soon loses her teaching job, and other pressure is put on the Logan family.Other families who sharecrop Granger land are forced to return to the Wallace store. Almost as soon as they leave, however, the cotton field catches fire, as if it was struck by lightning.And finally, Papa's leg is broken during a violent attack he suffers while trying to make a trip to Vicksburg. T., a man Papa brings home to help work and defend the farm, drives away the attackers. The lynch mob and the local black farmers must band together in order to stop the fire.Longtime love Cassie, 31, wore a printed, striped button-up layered underneath a fur-like coat.


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